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Fair Oaks EcoHousing

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Does Cohousing Make Better Citizens?

Cohousing: The Next Big Trend in Real Estate

Connection and Community in CoHousing

Cohousing: A Solution for Loneliness

Fair Oaks EcoHousing: Getting to Know Us

Downsizing: The Benefits of Living Small

What to Do in Fair Oaks

Music Abounds at Fair Oaks EcoHousing

Busting Myths About Community Living

Cohousing Makes Life Easier for Families

Build a Better Neighborhood

Fair Oaks Fiesta Sunday May 6

National Cohousing Open House Day on Sunday, April 29th

Cohousing - Community AND Privacy?

Do You Know Your Neighbors?

What is Life in Cohousing Like?

Is Cohousing Right for You?

Cohousing is About Connection

Construction Begins!

Everyone Needs Someone Else

Groundbreaking Kicks Off Construction!

Groundbreaking Ceremony Nov. 3!

Two-bedrooms Homes Available

Know Your Neighbor: Spokane's 1st Cohousing Development

Construction is Imminent!

Cohousing: A Solution for Loneliness and Social Isolation

Find Support and Kinship in Cohousing As You Age

Children Thrive in Cohousing - Only 1 Home Left!

Enjoy the Summer Delights of Fair Oaks

Only Two Townhomes Left!

Strong Neighborhoods Build Sustainable Happiness

Embracing Community Helps Us Live Longer

How Growing Up in a Cooperative Community Supports Families

Join us for Cohousing Open House Day to learn how community fosters happiness!

Members Photo and The Biggest Threat Facing Middle-age Men Isn’t Smoking or Obesity. It’s Loneliness.

Cohousing is for Introverts, too!

Ten Great Reasons to Live in Cohousing

Cohousing on PBS NewsHour

Join Us for the 2017 Cohousing Conference

Sacramento Considered a Hot Market by Zillow

Build More Community Into Your Life in 2017!

Parents Rave About Cohousing in Northern California

Growing Demand for Cohousing Leads Fannie Mae to Update FAQ's

Member Wins Environmentalist of the Year Award

Community: The Secret Ingredient to Sustainability and Cohousing in the New York Times

Stories About Cohousing

Our Neighborhood: Best Bites in Fair Oaks

Balancing Privacy and Community

ECOS Endorsement

Savings in Cohousing

June's Picnic in the Parkway

Meet Our Fair Oaks EcoHousing Landscape Architect

Aging Better Together Conference

Snapshot of Fair Oaks

"Group Seeks Friendly Neighbors for Fair Oaks Cohousing Community"

Downsizing Workshop a Success

First National Cohousing Open House Day

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