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History of Fair Oaks EcoHousing

It was Love at First Sight

In Fall 2003, I visited my friend Don’s home in downtown Sacramento. When I looked out his kitchen window, I saw a number of other homes facing each other, all with porches, and all facing a beautiful shared green. One of the homes was much larger. My mind was blown. I asked my friend to explain. He said he lived in cohousing. I said “Co-What?”

He said cohousing offers a balance of privacy and community, and it’s a wonderful way to live. He said the larger home was the Common House, where they have several shared meals every week and frequent parties. As someone who was used to the isolation of the suburbs, I immediately concluded this was a better way to live – safer, and much more fun. It was truly love at first sight for me, and I decided I wanted to live in cohousing too! I knew we needed more cohousing communities, and I vowed to start a new community as soon as I could.

by Marty Maskall

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