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Wondering if EcoHousing is for you?

Start finding out by taking this questionnaire! If you can answer "yes" to 10 or more questions, you would likely enjoy living at Fair Oaks Ecohousing.

1. Do you like the idea of getting to know your neighbors as friends?
2. Do you want to be part of a “green” community, dedicated to reducing its environmental impact?
3. Do you like the idea of a common house where community meals take place, workshops and classes are held, and guest rooms are available for visits from family and friends.
4. Are you ready for a home with a smaller footprint, knowing that you will gain space from community areas in the common house and gardens?
5. Are you willing to forego a garage attached to your house--walking instead from a central parking area--in order to have a pedestrian-friendly, car-free neighborhood?
6. Would you enjoy having a front porch? And a kitchen that looks out on the “village green”?
7. Do you regard yourself as a problem solver and enjoy contributing to group solutions?
8. Do you like the look of thoughtfully designed living spaces built with the latest sustainable materials?
9. Are you willing to share some of your time, talent, and effort in committees and workgroups that benefit the community?
10. Do you enjoy potlucks and participating in neighborhood dinners?
11. Do you like the idea of a community garden in addition to your home garden?
12. Do you want to live in a village setting that creates a sense of safety and caring that nurtures the young and old, singles and families?
13. Do you want to consume less “stuff” and reduce waste through sharing and cooperation in daily life?
14. Would you be willing to be on a cook team once every few months to help prepare or clean up from a community meal?
15. Would you enjoy living in a community that is mutually supportive and encourages interaction, while honoring each person’s privacy?

Is EcoHousing for You?: Service
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