Cohousing Videos


Cohousing Communities Help Prevent Social Isolation

PBS NewsHour February 12, 2017

In Your Neighborhood: Fair Oaks EcoHousing

Fox 40 News, February 5, 2016


Parents rave about cohousing community in northern California

KXTV News, November 10, 2016


Cohousing video by kids living in cohousing

Cohousing—Community at its Best | Erica Elliott | TEDxABQ

Dwell Design Leader: Kathryn McCamant

Ravens' Roost Cohousing

Cohousing Explained: "What is a Home?"

Cohousing, a Future Way of Living Together | Eef Tanghe | TEDxLeuven

View our video to give you an idea of what our community will be like as it grows:

Nevada City Cohousing

An Inspiration for Fair Oaks Ecohousing

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