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Fair Oaks EcoHousing

Vision & Values


To build an inclusive, earth-friendly community that values each individual’s uniqueness and fosters supportive relationships based on respect, cooperation, and fun.


Supportive Relationships – We embrace the importance of the connective relationships that hold our community together. We value compassion, support, friendships, warmth, openness, and understanding. We strive to meet individual and community needs, including a healthy balance between privacy and community

Respect and Cooperation – We nurture and uphold respectful interactions within our community. As individuals and as a community, we practice respect, cooperation, trust, fairness, honesty, integrity, consensus, and acceptance. We encourage all people to express themselves and to feel respected and empowered. Each person and idea is valued, listened to, and respected. We believe that teamwork can accomplish greater results than working alone.

Sustainability – We respect our connection to the natural world. We cultivate an environmentally sensitive community through energy-efficient design and practices such as recycling, composting, tree and green space preservation, organic gardening, and pedestrian friendliness.

Livability – We support people of all ages and physical abilities through application of universal design principles, whenever appropriate and feasible. We nurture children in the community by cultivating a safe and inspiring environment.

Health and Enrichment – We actively encourage healthy and enriching lives through opportunities for physical, intellectual, and creative activities.

Fun – We create and encourage opportunities for laughter, play, and carefree moments through celebrations and activities.

Inclusiveness – We welcome anyone who shares our vision and values, regardless of differences in age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, family structure, physical ability, or spiritual practices.

Approved 4/12/14

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