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Kids in Cohousing

Fair Oaks, CA is a very kid-friendly area, with many activities to keep children of any age busy. Everything from the Art Box Studio in Fair Oaks to Busy Kidz Museum in Folsom to kids arts festivals and a variety of camps, sports leagues and parks to play in.

We warmly welcome families and kids to attend any of our potlucks or tours!

Kids in Cohousing: Service

What are the Benefits of Raising a Family in a Cohousing Community?

Organization-free play dates that don’t require driving your child from Point A to Point B and picking them up afterwards. A skip down the common house path on a sunny day could find them a playmate or entertainment in no time.

Coming back tired from a long day at work. You drop off your things and stop home to collect your kids, and then walk down the path to your community’s common house for a homemade meal with your neighbors. It’s the world’s most fuss-free restaurant; and you can reserve your family’s place at the table a few days in advance on that night’s meal chart.

Your kids having fun while gaining skills from others in the community: Learning origami, how to fish, reading stories to other children, growing a garden, bird watching, stargazing.

Eyes on the sidewalk, where kids from multiple families can play without worrying about cars whizzing by or an accident going unnoticed. Cohousing communities keep cars to the periphery. This allows people traffic - play, socializing and casual interactions - to receive priority instead of vehicular traffic.

Kids in Cohousing: Service

Both Parents and Kids Can Attest, Cohousing is Kid Paradise!

“My kids have more rituals and traditions than they would living in a single-family home. Traditional celebrations include an Easter egg hunt, Passover Seder, and pumpkin carving, but we also have coming of age ceremonies for teens and a waking up the trees procession for winter solstice. These mark time and provide context for what it means to be a human being in relationship to others and the natural world.”
- Stacy Lewis, Seattle cohousing community

“Parenting can be exhausting when you don’t get breaks, but (in cohousing) there are always children to play with and people to watch them.”
- Noelle Studer-Spevak, Cully Grove: Portland, OR

"For us, it's [living in cohousing] already relieved so much of the stress of child-care needs. A half an hour here, 15 minutes there—if you don't have family support, you're hiring a babysitter or schlepping your kid around. It's stressful."
- Ellie Leonardsmith

Kids in Cohousing: Service

Schools Near Fair Oaks EcoHousing

Our cohousing site is close to a number of schools, both public, private and charter, as well as resources for parents who homeschool.

Public: San Juan Unified School District (K-12)

Private: Sorted by Distance from Fair Oaks EcoHousing
0.9 miles Sacramento Waldorf School (K-12) 3750 Bannister Road, Fair Oaks
1.2 miles Freedom Christian School (K-12) 7736 Sunset Avenue, Fair Oaks
1.4 miles St. Mel Catholic School (K-8) 4745 Pennsylvania Avenue, Fair Oaks
2.6 miles St. Mark's Lutheran School (K-8) 7869 Kingswood Drive, Citrus Heights
2.6 miles CCHAT Center: serving deaf & hearing-impaired (K-3) 11000 Coloma Road, Rancho Cordova
4.1 miles Summit Christian School (K-8) 5010 Hazel Avenue, Fair Oaks
4.2 miles St. John Vianney School (K-8) 10499 Coloma Road, Rancho Cordova
4.5 miles Victory Christian School (K-12) 3045 Garfield Avenue, Carmichael
4.6 miles Country Hill Montessori (Preschool-2) 6131 Kenneth Avenue Fair Oaks

Charter: Sorted by Distance from Fair Oaks EcoHousing
6.6 miles Golden Valley Orchard School (K-8) 6550 Filbert Avenue, Orangevale
6.8 miles Choices Charter School (6-12) 4425 Laurelwood Drive, Sacramento
6.9 miles Golden Valley River School (K-8) 9601 Lake Natoma Drive, Orangevale

Homeschool Support
Folsom Cordova Community Charter School
Visions (K-12)
Options for Youth (7-12)

Kids in Cohousing: Service
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