How can I Join?

Becoming a member is a self-selecting process. We allow people as much time as they need in order to decide whether or not cohousing is right for them. The first step is to satisfy your curiosity. Call us and we can answer your questions, and come meet us.

What do the homes cost?

The Fair Oaks prices  range from the mid 300's to the high 600’s, depending on home size (2 to 4 bedrooms). Please keep in mind that these prices were for purchase at construction completion in Winter 2020 and include all the common amenities (4000 sf of common facilities and a pool), as well as many energy-efficient, green building features. We  work with an open budget so that, as a member of the community, you will gain an understanding of what is budgeted and, to the extent possible, can influence what we ultimately decide to build. Read more about Cohousing Pricing and the Residential Market.

How much are the Homeowner’s Association dues?

We expect monthly dues will be in the neighborhood of $400 to $500/mo, depending on the size of your home and how we decide to cover costs. HOA dues will probably cover internet connection, maintenance of building exteriors and common facilities, garbage & recycling, sewer, property and liability insurance, and reserves. The community will be involved in setting up the HOA budget, but ultimately it will also need to be approved by the California Bureau of Real Estate. Read more about what HOA dues cover.

Will the homes be energy-efficient?

Yes, we’re looking to have the lowest possible energy bills, the best natural ventilation, natural light, low toxic material, sustainably grown lumber, flooring that is completely biodegradable, and much much more. But all in the context of working socially, being beautiful and elegant (because people take care of what they love and love what is beautiful), and in the context of what is affordable.


Will there be shared meals?

Yes, there will be an opportunity to share meals in the Club House several times a week. Common Meals are an important part of the glue that holds a cohousing community together. Common Meals bring residents together for a convenient and pleasurable time of fellowship and sharing.


Initially, we will share meals together three days a week, plus occasional potlucks and brunches.


Every able-bodied adult is expected to serve on a meal team consisting of three to four adults for cooking and clean up. Meal teams will decide on the menu, which should include a main dish, side, dessert, and beverage. Meat and produce will be organic whenever practical.


Residents can attend the common meals as often as they like. Meal cost will average  less than $10, depending upon the meal, with a reduced cost for children. The menu, cost, and sign-up list will be posted in advance.

How much are the property taxes?

Property taxes in California are based on your recorded sales price, when you close on your home. The value of your home includes all the common facilities, so the HOA pays no property taxes on common areas.

Can I have pets?

Yes, we will be a pet-friendly community. For many individuals, pets provide enjoyment, companionship, and an enhanced quality of life. However, we want everyone to be treated fairly, both pet owners, and non-pet owners. Consistent with our values of respect and cooperation, pet owners must take primary responsibility to ensure that their pets do not disturb or become a nuisance to others.