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Our Neighborhood

An environmentally-friendly neighborhood on 3.7 acres with energy-efficient homes, generous open space, fruit trees, organic gardens, and a centrally-located clubhouse.

Generous common facilities, including pool, spa, workshop, and Club House with dining/meeting room, kitchen, lounge, kids’ playroom, laundry room, yoga/music room, and two guest bedrooms.

Neighborhood & Club House Plans: Service

Club House

The centerpiece of the community is a 3800 s.f two-story Club House, with a sitting area, a large kitchen, and dining/meeting area, kids' play room, laundry facilities, storage, two guest bedrooms, and two multi-purpose rooms. Common facilities also include a pool, spa, workshop, and gardens.

The Club House is designed to be a hub of social activity for the residents.


Club House Amenities

A large pool/spa and 2 car garage sized workshop are adjacent to the Club House.


Club House Main Floor

The main floor of the club house has rooms for a variety of gatherings and our common meals. We have a room for kids to play together, a room for music and yoga practice and a lounge area to share a game or other casual activity.


Club House Upper Floor

The second floor has two guest rooms available for visitors, eliminating the need for a rarely used guest room in your home. An additional multi-purpose room is also available for the community to use as it wishes.


Landscape Design

Unlike most new condominium communities that are primarily pavement, our neighborhood features an inviting village green.  Our landscape design includes a variety of California natives to provide attractive plants throughout the year.  Community gardens with individual raised  beds in multiple areas will enable our members to grow fresh vegetables and share with others as desired.  We also have an area that will likely be left natural that is fun for the kids to explore and will also be a good area to include some fruit and nut trees.  Members with downstairs flats or townhomes will have a fenced backyard and open front yard area that they can landscape as they wish.

The final version of the county approved landscape plan is available at the link below.  There were several minor improvements compared to the color version above.

Neighborhood & Club House Plans: Service
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