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Cohousing is a growing movement which combines private homes and community structure designed to create close neighborly connections, where you can share meals, celebrate holidays, plant a garden, play with the kids.  Experiences to treasure.


 Usually homes seldom come up for sale, but uniquely there are currently two Two Bedroom Flats Available for sale in the Fair Oaks Ecohousing community.  

Go to THIS page  and THIS page for information.

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Become part of our village!


2 Bed Townhome Features: Service
2 Bedroom Townhome Features
2 Bed Townhome Features: Service
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Contact Us

We  are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Call us.

Marty Maskall ........... 916-425-5137   or   mmaskall at

Suzanne Austen ...........  916-838-7830  or  aloeuveramuch at

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